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Did you know?

Because natural gas is colorless, odorless, and tasteless. Distributors add mercaptan to give natural gas a distinct unpleasant odor (it smells like rotten eggs). This added odor serves as a safety measure to help detect leaks in natural gas pipelines.

  • Fossil fuel
  • Non Renewable
  • Colourless and Odourless

Natural gas refers coal bed methane (CBM). CBM as a product is still an unexploited resource and activity in this area has been mostly around exploration. The government has a strategy to diversify the energy mix including power production from natural gas.

Licensed activities in Gas

The following activities are licensed under the Natural Gas Sector as per 36 of the Act;

  • Operation of a natural gas systems.
  • Transmission of natural gas.
  • Distribution of natural gas.
  • Storage of natural gas.
  • Selling natural gas to customers and consumers.
  • Importation or exportation of natural gas
  • Any pressure storage facility where capacity exceeds 5000 cubic meters.

License Requirements

  • Name and addresses of the applicants.
  • Description of the specific activity that a license is required for.
  • Geographic area where the activity is to be carried out.
  • Financial capabilities (support letter from financiers or bank statements, projections etc.)
  • Technical capabilities (competence or skills, compliance to standards, engineering drawings etc.)
  • Land ownership or usage rights for the land where the activity is to take place (title deeds, lease agreements etc.)

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