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Did you know?

If it could be properly harnessed, there’s enough sunlight that falls on the earth in just one hour to meet the world energy demands for a whole year! Our whole energy problem would be solved if we could somehow find a way to harness solar energy more efficiently.

  • Sustainable
  • Environmental friendly
  • The future

Renewable energy refers to bio-energy, solar energy, wind energy and any other as may be specified by the Authority.

Renewable sources of energy are no longer viewed as alternative sources of energy but as the real future where all should be given their clean nature, replaceability, availability in vast amounts (e.g. solar in Botswana) and the fact that Botswana wants to utilize green technology as much as possible.

Whilst there are a handful of players in this space, this is seen to be one of the growing sectors and BERA would like to encourage IPP’s, potential investors and Batswana in general to uplift the use of these energy sources in order to reduce the greenhouse effects for preservation of our planet. It is envisaged that by 2030 at least 18% of Botswana’s power will be generated from renewables, however as BERA it is in our interest for us to see our country reaching this goal earlier and even surpassing it by the set target date.

Licensed activities in Renewable energy

The following activities are licensed under the Renewable energy;

  • Generation and co-generation of electricity and heat.
  • Operation of a transmission system.
  • Single buyer of electricity.
  • Operation of a distribution system.
  • Owning of transmission works.
  • Owning of a distribution network.
  • Sell electricity to customers and consumers.
  • Exportation or importation of electricity.
  • Any installation where single or aggregate capacity exceeds 100kW.

License Requirements

  • Name and addresses of the applicants.
  • Description of the specific activity that a license is required for.
  • Geographic area where the activity is to be carried out.
  • Financial capabilities (support letter from financiers or bank statements, projections etc.)
  • Technical capabilities (competence or skills, compliance to standards, engineering drawings etc.)
  • Land ownership or usage rights for the land where the activity is to take place (title deeds, lease agreements etc.)

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