who are we?

BERA is responsible for providing an efficient energy regulatory framework for Electricity, Gas, Coal, Petroleum products, Solar and all forms of renewable energy. It was established by the Botswana Energy Regulatory Act 2016 and started its operations on the 1st September, 2017.

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What we stand for?

  • Vision

    To be an independent, transparent and fair energy regulator.

  • Mission

    BERA exists to regulate the energy sector by ensuring a competitive environment in accordance with International Best Practice.

  • Core Values

    Excellence  ·  Integrity  ·  Team Spirit  ·  Transparency  ·  Accountability  ·  Courteousness  ·  Fairness

Our primary mandate is to provide economic regulation of energy sectors

Economic regulation will enable the private sector to play an active role in asset formation that will enable delivery of services that will be reliable, affordable and of good quality, not losing sight of the need to protect the environment.

Our Scope

The BERA ACT drives its regulatory powers from sector legislations being:

Electricity Supply Act  ·  Petroleum Products Act  ·  Gas Act.

Investors are expected to familiarise themselves with the provisions of the sector legislations.

  • Vision
  • Values
  • Mission


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Botswana Energy Regulatory Act

BERA started operating in September 2017, based in Lobatse.

BERA starts operations    

BERA started operating in September 2017, based in Lobatse.

Country wide awareness

BERA starts building awareness across the whole country.