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Did you know?

At present, roughly 90 million barrels of crude oil are being produced and consumed around the world each day.

  • Fossil fuel
  • Non Renewable
  • Greenhouse effect

As defined at Section 2 of the BERA Act, Petroleum Products in this context means; oil, petrol, paraffin, liquified petroleum gas (LPG), diesel and any other product as may be specified by BERA. The petroleum industry in Botswana has been in existence for many years. Prior to the BERA Act most of these products were partially regulated by the Department of Energy with the main focus on price regulation.

According to the BERA Act licensing is required for any person that;

  • Undertakes commercial activities relating to the petroleum and gas sector.
  • Has a storage facility for regulated products exceeding 30,000L (including for own use).
  • constructs petroleum and gas infrastructure.

Licensed activities under Petroleum

The following activities are licensed under the Petroleum and Gas Sector as per 37 of the Act;

  • Construction and operation of pipelines.
  • Storage and operation of storage facilities.
  • Operation of loading or discharge facilities.
  • Operation of retail service stations.
  • Manufacturing of products.
  • Transportation of products.
  • Importation and exportation of products.

License Requirements

  • Name and addresses of the applicants.
  • Description of the specific activity that a license is required for.
  • Geographic area where the activity is to be carried out.
  • Financial capabilities (support letter from financiers or bank statements, projections etc.)
  • Technical capabilities (competence or skills, compliance to standards, engineering drawings etc.)
  • Land ownership or usage rights for the land where the activity is to take place (title deeds, lease agreements etc.)

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